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Friday, September 30, 2005

Is The Sky Falling In On BusinessBlogs?

I have commented on the death of business blogging in a previous post (27th September).

Any suggestion that business blogs are a waste of time is wide of the mark.

And simply to suggest that business blogging is failing is like saying the sky is falling on us. It aint.

Rich has put forward an opinion that I think is exactly right at the moment.

I think if you like writing - I do - then blogging is fine and can be a part of your marketing arsenal.

If you don't like writing find other things that work for you.

We don't all produce articles and send them to trade magazines or newspapers do we?

Blogging is fun but you don't have a real clue as to the effect you're having on your audience. Sometimes you don't know whether you really have an audience or not!

Having said that you can track whether your blogging is attracting attention. But at the moment any transfer to my web site seems to be incidental. In fact the traffic on this blog and the web site are completely unrelated!

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