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Friday, February 09, 2007

Day Job Killer - Stay Away And Save Your Money

I bought DJK pretty much on release to check out the hype.

As I said before I don't often leap on the band wagon but with all the hype from a fellow Brit. I thought I ought to check it out.

Well I'm getting down into the bowels of the ebook and I'm actually pretty impressed.

Chris (the author) has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about and analysing the strategies used by the gurus and super affiliates.

What's more he gives you step by step instructions on how to write affiliate Adwords campaigns that work.

And he shares a number of resources that I've not seen in other ebooks. A good example is an effective free affiliate link cloaker which saves you $59 on the cost of a good link cloaker!

Want another? How about one of Chris's own easy to set-up sales page (squeeze page) that he encourages you to take and copy and use. What's that worth in terms of time spent coding and testing?

Why Stay Away From DJK?

Day Job Killer is written so that anyone can take the necessary steps to get money making campaigns.

That said there are some downsides to this ebook:

  • You need to invest at least $9 for a domain name and then some for an adwords campaign
  • The steps aren't rocket science to follow, you could see immediate success but it takes research and testing
  • If you don't want to compete hard with other Adwords publishers you'll feel uncomfortable

Obviously if you're ok with those downsides go and get The Day Job Killer and start off the process to say goodbye to your day job.

Finally, here's a direct quote from the Day Job Killer at almost the end of the book: "What seperates those whose jobs die a brutal death and those who are back in at work a year from now is going to be the effort you put into it.

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