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Monday, February 19, 2007

How To Get Attention With A Business Poem!

The Valentine's Day Poem competition has now ended. If you've not heard from me please bear with me as I've been a bit immersed in floods of rehearsals and the performances for the Bollywood Mikado.

If you've missed the performance you can still catch us when we go to the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton on the 3rd March.

Anyway, like I said the poem competition is finished and the winner comes from Matthew Sproston, an ex-coaching client.   I've chosen this one because I like the way Matthew has done it as a testimonial for me - thanks Matthew, I may well add this to my business card!

So without further ado, the winning entry .... 

A testimonial poem.

I was hungry for sales and profit

But lacked a strategic plan

I needed a master

To get results faster

So I called Jim, the marketing man

He coached me by phone and in person

About training, systems and goals

He gave sound advice

About raising our price

And all of the marketing role

Truth be told, it took time to make changes

I was always ‘too busy’ you know

But a tweak here and there

When I had an hour spare

Gradually the firm started to grow

Two years on and our turnover’s doubled

Well not quite but it’s increased a lot

Our customer’s say

That we brighten their day

At this rate I’ll be buying a yacht!

Now I visit Jim’s business blog daily

To keep up with his marketing news

I’ll make it quite plain –

If you’re seeking sales gain

There’s only one coach you should choose.

(Written by: Matthew Sproston, CJS Engineering Ltd)

So well done Matthew ring me on 0161 278 1919 so we can discuss how you get your coaching prize.

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