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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day Job Killer Reviews

I can't help but keep getting bombarded by Day Job Killer emails.

If I do a search on Day Job Killer I now get 12,400,000 search results on Google! On the first page that includes

  • Titus Hoskins with
  • Gary Ruplinger with
  • Brad Issac at

Of them all Brad Issac is doing an interesting exercise...

He's going to try out each technique in Day Job Killer and see whether he can make money with them.

The underlying message in all the reviews I've read and in my own look at the book is that unless you understand Adwords or you're prepared to go slowly and consider what you're doing carefully don't buy Day Job Killer.

The reason?

You could lose your shirt. Yes, yes you might make a mint, but be prepared to experiment to get your own shot at these campaigns.

You can bet there's a lot of competition out there now using Day Job Killer techniques.


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