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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Bollywood Mikado - On Valentine's Day At The RNCM in Manchester

Yes, we're galloping towards the dress rehearsal for the Bollywood Mikado at the Royal Northern College of Music.

My previous post about the Bollywood Mikado explains all about it, what it is, where it is and why you should go. And no it's not just because of the attractive girls. Or even the dashing men. It's going to be FUN with a capital F!

Thanks to Mark at Simply Networking for putting  a mention in his newsletter.

Also thanks to Rob for his post at his Artisan Marketing Communications blog where Rob suggests we forget Big Brother winner Shilpa and think of me as the star. Nice thought Rob - thanks! No pressure there then, even if I'm only in the chorus.

The only slight hiccup in rehearsal was finding that our set had grown so enormous that we had to act in a very small space, like a keyhole.

Cue one despairing director.  Fortunately with the goodwill and hard work of our vast army of talented crew we got the set back to normal (for Bollywood) proportions.


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