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Friday, February 23, 2007

What Business Growth Tool Do You Need?

For the last few months I've been selling the updated 2nd edition of my book "How To Leap Ahead Of Your Competitors". 

Yes, yes of course it's full of great stuff that helps your business and I'm not asking you to click on the link and pay for it - even if it makes you tons of money.

Instead I want to ask you my subscriber and faithful reader, you who keep coming back to this blog to help me with a project.

The project is to write a book to really help people like you to grow your business substantially without major investments in time or money.

To help me decide the book I need to write I'm looking for you to send me your top burning question that you just know the answer would kick your business into overdrive.

Maybe I've touched on a subject in a previous post that hit a nerve with you but I didn't go into step by step detail to let you use it properly. If so email about that too, with the offending post title if you remember it. 

If I get no significant feedback I've a few thoughts of my own that I'll address in the new book. Although I really would prefer to write stuff that you'll find most useful.


Please type in your most burning business question or thought

So don't delay, fill in the form above and send it to me and I'll get on to it right away.  As a bribe to encourage you to put your thinking cap on I'll send you a copy of the tool I created which helps you prepare for and make the most of exhibiting at shows.


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