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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bollywood Mikado - Dress Rehearsal Nightmares

That's it the technical rehearsal where we work out where lights and lumps of sets interact with us, the people is finished.

We finished the dress rehearsal late last night and I got home at midnight.

After getting changed into the costume we all felt excited and ready to go. Plus we had some people who'd paid to watch the dress rehearsal!

Anyway, the first dance was a bit of a disaster because I'd not tied my trousers tightly enough and every time I leapt or hopped or jumped my trousers fell down. Good for a laugh but nil points for dancing.

I dashed off at a convenient point and did the draw string up more tightly and went back on. Almost unnoticed...

After that every dance went wrong for different people. 

Then whilst waiting in the wings I was nearly run over by a massive gold elephant. I got prodded by a tusk and at least had the good sense to dive out of the way.

At the end of the night the notes we got from the director weren't too bad. Although the men and the women have to go through one of the routines again to make sure we're all doing the same things.


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