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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Success - Step By Step

It's nice when a plan comes together. Particularly in Search Engine Optimization.

I've been in control of a clients web site and also writing his blog for him.

And it's taken until now for the results to really start happening.

He's now at number 1 in the UK, where he deserves to be and at number 5 world wide on Google. Well done Iain.

He's so pleased that he wrote me an email which I've cut and paste here:

"And to think that when I went on the Web academy course a few months back (after the work was done) I got criticized so badly that I simply shut down and stopped listening to what was being said! And now its number 1! But I wish I knew specifically what had done it.
You obviously did the right things with it didn’t you?"

Check the Google search here you're taken directly to the Google search we used. Which by the way is the term his customers use to search for information on "infrared saunas"

So What?

I wanted to make two points here... 

1) The Web Academy course he went on didn't understand the tactics being used to bring his site to the top.  So simply putting on a course doesn't mean you're an expert. So be warned. Often it can be better for a business to try out search engine optimisation themselves first.

2) Iain didn't understand exactly what tactics I used to catapult him from nowhere to the top. And the reason?  It can take time to get results you're looking for when you optimize a site and also do off-site work to improve placement. Things that an average business owner is frankly not interested in.

Does It Increase Sales

Very good question. Will a higher placement in Google lead to more sales?

The answer is it depends ...

It depends on whether the item you're selling is one that someone will impulse buy off the web. Iain's in my opinion is too valuable for people to do that. Which is why we ask people to sign up to get a helpful report on detoxification. Then we can continue to send them useful information until they're ready to buy.

Simply having people visit the site is not enough.

It needs to be part of a step by step integrated sales and marketing plan.


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