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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day Job Killer - "At Last! The Truth ..."

Day Job Killer is spreading across the Internet Marketing space like a ton of black paint dropped from height onto a 1 foot square white sheet.

I've been most amused by the adverts I've seen on Google for it ...

They've titles like:

  • "Day Job Killer Real Deal"
  • "Day Job Killer Project X"
  • "Get Day Job Killer Now"
  • "I hate Day Job Killer"
  • Day Job Killer Launched"
  • "Don't Buy Day Job Killer"
  • Bonus + Day Job Killer

And the interesting thing about all these adverts is that all of them are using the methods recommended in Day Job Killer to reach their market place.

Personally I think the Internet Marketing sector has too much competition in for Day Job Killer and I'd do as recommended in Day Job Killer itself and actually find some niches to serve with ebooks and other products and hit those instead.

For a start it's less competition, need I say more?

That said Project X which Chris wrote before Day Job Killer is still selling well in the Internet Marketing area.

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1 comment:

BillyWarhol said...

An acquaintance Eric Giguere wrote an interesting review on Day Job Killer. He also offers Bloggers some excellent, no nonsense advice at his Blog

Named after his Book - Make Easy Money With Google using the Adsense program.

Cheers! Billy ;))

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