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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Bollywood Mikado

It suddenly occurred to me that you probably don't know very 'Bollywoodmuch about my alternative existence. Yes I admit it I'm a closet "actor/singer". I take part in productions each year in Manchester with the Manchester University Gilbert & Sullivan Society, also known as MUGSS.

This year we're putting on a Bollywood version of The Mikado at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) which has an amazing theatre. Tailor made for musical fun!

The poster you see to the side is the one showing all the details of the show. One other thing we always use an orchestra for our shows.

I've been singing with this group for decades (gulp, that seems like a long time).

Every now and then you think a show is going to be fantastic. This is one of those times.

It's going to be great, the only pity is that I can't see it from the audience as well as be in it.

Still if I was in the audience I wouldn't get to do the amazing number of fun dances the men get to do!

By the way if you've seen Bride and Prejudice you may recognise one or two of the dance moves. Where the director got the others I don't know.

The show starts on Wednesday 14th February 2007. Valentine's day, is that a good day to open or not? It continues until Saturday 17th February.

Saturday matinee has a sign language translator dancing around on stage. Well maybe not literally, but we'll see if they get carried away by the bustle, hustle and frenzy of the production.

Tickets can be bought from the RNCM and concessions prices are £5 or £8 for Saturday night.

See you there...


Rob said...

Forget Shilpa.

If it takes off will you move from marketing to singing.

But do not go on Big Brother and lessen yourself

Jim Symcox said...

Hi Rob,

The Bollywood Mikado is hotter than an Indian Summer. Or is that just me after all the dancing?

Anyway nothing can move me from my passion for marketing. Although ice-skating or singing would be great careers too!

I'm not sure I could go on Big Brother they all seem to spend huge amount of time just staring into the distance. I think I'f be bored witless.


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