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Friday, January 26, 2007

Does Your Personality Match Your Job?

Here's a bit of fun for a Friday...

Have you wondered whether you're a square peg in around hole before?

If you have one of the ways to check you're in the right job or business is to undergo a personality assessment test. Famous direct marketing businessman, author and copywriter Ted Nicholas believes the same and has put people in his own organisation through a personality test that has helped his employees try out and succeed in other careers.

Types of test you can take are Myers-Brigs, PF16 and may others.

In my travels around the Internet I came across an interesting personality test. The test is FREE (hurrah), short and with multiple choice questions which yields a personality profile like these:

  • ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
  • ESTJ - The Guardians
  • ISFJ - The Nurturers
  • ESFJ - The Caregivers
  • ISTP - The Mechanics
  • ESTP - The Doers
  • ESFP - The Performers
  • ISFP - The Artists
  • ENTJ - The Executives
  • INTJ - The Scientists
  • ENTP - The Visionaries
  • INTP - The Thinkers
  • ENFJ - The Givers
  • INFJ - The Protectors
  • ENFP - The Inspirers
  • INFP - The Idealists

Take the test and you're given your typical profile and a list of possible careers that fit your personality.

Apparently my personality is an ESTJ. That means I would suit any of the following:

  • Business executive
  • Military officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Sports merchandise sales
  • Paralegal
  • Real estate agent
  • Budget analyst
  • Administrator: health care
  • Database manager
  • Corporate financial attorney
  • Pharmacist
  • Credit counselor
  • Insurance agent
  • Teacher: trade, industrial, technical
  • Property manager

It says nothing about being a blogger - obviously a serious omission.

Think you fit the ESTJ category? Or maybe you don't. Want to see what type you are? Take the test!

Remember though that while it may be interesting be cautious about using the results.

When I was doing my MSc. in Management Sciences I did a lot of psychology, part of which was all about assessment tests. One point they stressed is for tests to be valid results had to be compared back to people of your and so on.

By the way I found using yet another test that I'm an extravert, conscientious, slightly agreeable and extremely relaxed!

Hmm. Well I did say beware of reading too much into the test.

Anyway, have fun with the first test



Zach Katkin said...

My personality type is ISTJ. Good test, but I hate these things. They always seem to upset me (maybe they are just pointing out my true flaws, and I am unwilling to accept them... a true ISTJ indeed)! Seriously though, thanks for the great comments on my blog (I'll be responding shortly), and nice blog yourself (more comments to come).

Jim Symcox said...

So you're a "duty fulfiller" eh Zach?

Now that sounds like it should be the right type for a blogger doesn't it?

My motto "great blogs get great comments!" Well that's the theory anyway...

Thanks for your comments.

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