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Thursday, January 25, 2007

MLM - Do You Know These Realities?

I was an MLM distributor for a short time. We were working in the downline of someone we knew from British Aerospace days.

We sold copy fragrances called "Echoes" and skin care products. We used them ourselves and were quite happy with the quality.

Then after a few months I began to have doubts about it as a business. I wasn't happy with the "training" sessions which trotted out how much money you could make if...

I also knew there were a lot of distributors in our area (Manchester) so why hadn't we heard of this company in the 7 years it had been going? It was also based in Deeside, again near us and no news about it that I'd seen at all.

In the end L'Arome brought out slimming products that I just didn't think were right and was the straw that broke my tenuous belief in the business.

A few months later L'Arome went down the tubes.

Interestingly I never knew why L'Arome went bust until recently when I discovered this Guardian article about it. The point was that L'Arome was taken to court by Chanel because of L'Arome's "Smell-Alike" perfumes. When Chanel won the case L'Arome went bust.

Although I've never been involved with Amway I noticed this interesting article by someone who claimed to be a successful distributor with them. Obviously I don't know whether any of what is claimed in the article is true but...

If you want to go down the MLM route it raise a number of questions you'd be well advised to get answered before putting time, energy and money into the business.


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Kamara said...

I've had my own share of MLM this and that...However, it's shocking when you hear what goes on in some companies and why most people fail at it...resulting in loss of belief in the industry...If you find the time, you can listen to this recorded audio about the 5Pillars a company needs to have in place for its distributors to succeed....ITS DISTRIBUTORS.....

Jim Symcox said...

Hi Kamara

I've tried listening to the recording but it's not recognised by any of the media players I used.


ravi said...

i read this article and we want to go down the Multilevel marketing(MLM) route it raise a number of questions you'd be well advised to get answered before putting time, energy and money into the business.

Jim Symcox said...


Thanks for your affiliate link. The resources here seem mainly to be from people who have a vested interest in making MLM sound as though it's a very good investment in your time and money.

I still remain to be convinced, although as always I remain open to demonstrated success.


Anonymous said...

I personally have had WAY too many experiences with MLM. None of them by choice. I wish people would just stop pushing it at me. The only good thing I've ever heard about regarding MLM is Believe. It is a comedy about Multi Level Marketing. It looks very funny.

check out the site:

Looks Freaking Hilarious!

Jim Symcox said...


Thanks for the movie link. It does look like it would be a hoot.

After all if MLM was the right way to go all the major manufacturers would be selling that way.


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