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Monday, January 29, 2007

Are You Doing This For Valentine's Day?

And I don't mean re-enacting the 1929 Valentine Day massacre against Bugs Moran's gang by Al Capone. I mean YOU making an offer your customers can't refuse.

Before you contact your current and previous customers to wish them a Happy Valentine's day, think about it.

What can you offer your customers that links in with the day and also is a bit of fun. So I don't mean the cliche of 12 roses at a discount price.

Think what effect do people want when they give flowers on Valentines?

They're letting people know they're special and thought about. So you should offer them something that shows you've thought about them and maybe also the people your customers are thinking of at Valentine's day.

For the dating agencies, what about those who don't have anyone for Valentine's day?

For the garage, maybe give people a voucher for a special Valentine's car valeting for the one they love. When they service a car near Valentine's put in two heart shaped chocolates with a simple message thanking the customer for their custom.

Eating out is a big thing at Valentines, but how many restaurants capture the details of people who come to their restaurant? First to encourage them back next Valentines, second to encourage them to return during the year.

Also think about the other special days in the calendar. Like Mother's day, Father's day

The offer you can give to customers is only limited by your imagination.


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