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Monday, January 08, 2007

Do You Use These Points in Your Online Sales Letter?

It's the beginning of a New Year the time when a young business's fancy turns to getting leads.

And one great way to get them is to create a web sales page.

The elements you need in your sales page varies according to what you're selling. That said, you'd do well to make sure you've got these in:

  1. Decide exactly who you're writing to
  2. Decide on the offer you know they'll love
  3. Write several headlines, choose the best 2 or 3 (and test them)
  4. Personalise the letter where you're able to
  5. Tell your chosen (interesting) story
  6. Use subheads through your copy
  7. Use bullets and lists when possible
  8. Give benefits
  9. Don't be constrained by the short/long letter argument just write exactly what is needed to sell. Nothing more.
  10. Focus on what they want, not what you think they need
  11. Provide the reader with credible testimonials and credentials as to why you can help them
  12. Tell them about the bonus(es)
  13. Introduce the value
  14. Tell them the price
  15. Give them your guarantee(s)
  16. Put in your signature
  17. Use a PS

Vital elements for testing include headlines, sub-heads, price and offer.

If you can tick off these points in your own sales letter you're so much closer to the sale.

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