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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You Make The Rules For How You Do Business

I was re-reading the Jay Abraham Blog.

Yes, I know I've got work to do!

But I'd half-remembered something I'd heard in his tape set with Peter Thompson (by the way go and sign up for Peter's CD programme (The Achiever's Edge, it's wonderfully useful!)

Anyway to get back on track...

I'd half-rememebered something about how you can make your own rules in business.

I looked on Jay's Blog and there it is "You Make The Rules".

The reason I like this view of business is that I believe it's so easy to get sucked into doing things the way everyone else does. You know, "lets do marketing this way, because George down the road does and he's making a mint".

Instead, we need to make our own rules.

When I started blogging I purposefully didn't read anything on "how to blog" because I wanted to make sure my voice came through and it wasn't like everyone else who wrote about marketing.

I remember coming out of my first Jay seminar and metaphorically punching the air and shouting "YES". I'm probably a bit too restrained to actually shout in a 5 star hotel lobby. Anyway, Jay gave me a belief that anything is possible and marketing is one great vehicle to help yourself and other people achieve freedom. Not by breaking rules but by making your own.

So go make your own rules. You deserve to live your life according to them, don't you?

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