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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Does Two Strikes And You're Out Work For Press Releases?

Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.produced a PDF ranking of "The Most Unbelievable Workplace Events of 2005".

The one I loved was the very first one:

The Whine-Free Policy. A German company initiated a strict no-whining policy. Negative Nellies and other boat rockers are under a two-moans-and-out rule. According to the company, several workers have quit and two others have been fired for violating the whine-free policy.

To see the rest check their list.

How does that help a business?
Editors love lists. Especially if they're quirky or unbelievable.

So if your press release contains a good list they're going to be more interested compared to seeing that you've moved to new offices/have a new salesman/got a new contract.

It means they can drop your list into a piece and tailor it to how much space they have.

Although I've only shown one item that list has more items on it.

But it's wet your appetite hasn't it?

So one thing to bear in mind as you wonder what to put in a press release: think lists.

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