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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Articles For Marketing Your Company

It occurred to me that I’ve published a few articles on the wonderful web that you might well be interested in checking over.

So I’ve listed them below for you:

The article titled Do Your Adverts Get You More Sales has been picked up by the most ezine publishers and is also the most read on the site I placed it on. Funnily enough I found it had been copied by someone from Singapore and placed into a Yahoo marketing group with them as the author- there’s a compliment for you!

I didn’t just show you these so you could read them. They’re there to show that you can write articles too to show your own expert status.

So I encourage you to have a go. But remember you have little control over where your article ends up. Also they stay on the Internet for a long time, so don’t write articles that predict stuff and which have a high risk of looking stupid in a years time.

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