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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marketing Is Wrong

How can marketing be wrong?

The fact that "marketing is wrong" is proved almost every day in lots of companies world-wide.


Is that a fact?

Well actually, no it's not.

You've probably heard other business owners telling you exactly that. Maybe they say, "the only marketing I need is referrals". Which in itself is too short-sighted. Why leave the money from other approaches on the table?

Often the problem is when a business hasn't worked out a marketing strategy how can they know what marketing tactics they should be applying and what sort of costs they should expect?
The simple answer is that they don't. The problem is they don't know how much to really spend on a particular marketing tactic.

Marketing relies on fine-tuning of copy, the approach, the offer, your headline and other aspects. If you haven't budgeted for it as part of your strategy to test your marketing you'll almost inevitably put up with a poorer response than you should.

That means your tactic could lose you money. So you stop doing it. You've poured your money down a marketing black hole and "proved" that "marketing is wrong", it doesn't work for you/your industry/ this country.

But if you realise that it's a test and you try a different headline, amend the offer or try a slightly different approach you could suddenly have a fantastic response. And now you know the secret of marketing - TESTING.

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