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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Apprentice UK: Michelle, Ansell, Ruth and Paul Waiting For Their Interviews

I looked on the Internet for "Troubleshooter"and found this intriguing essay by the original Troubleshooter, Sir John Harvey-Jones.

I'll Show Them Who's Boss was a similar format to Troubleshooter and featured Gerry Robinson from Granda media group analysing companies and suggesting improvements.

Both programmes ran on BBC TV and along with "Back To The Floor" really wetted UK appetites for The Apprentice with Alan Sugar.

As we all know The Apprentice started in the USA with "The Donald" (Trump) at the helm. It has been very successful there.

The Apprentice in the UK has been riveting viewing for those of us interested in seeing how business people tick. We're coming to the final hurdles as the remaining people (Michelle, Paul, Ansell and Ruth) prepare for their interview tomorrow.

Who will stay and who will get fired!?

Putting my money where my mouth is I still think Ansell and Ruth are the most likely to be retained. But we'll only know for sure once we get to see/hear their real CVs.

Interestingly one of the estate agents from episode 9 was interviewed by their local newspaper and said that he got on well with his team (Michelle, Paul and Ansell) and tipped Paul to win.

It's noticeable that we've not really seen that much of Paul until the succesful cruise task. Rather like James Max, who currently helps the Times on their Apprentice Blog.

So, could the BBC be keeping his profile low so he can suddenly burst forth and hit the winning line before Ruth or Ansell?

Personally I don't think so. And we're going to find out...soon!

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