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Sunday, April 23, 2006

When You Think You're Doing Someone A Favour You May Not Be

I decided that a copywriting blog would be useful to differentiate tips, strategies and techniques for direct response copywriting from other business building and profit growing thoughts and strategies.

The first post explains why my email to almost everyone I knew about The Achiever's Edge programme resulted in lots of visits to The Achiever's Edge site but few sign-ups.

I thought I was doing everyone a favour.

I realise now that I let them down by not explaining the real benefits that they'd get from signing up for the programme.

I mean it's helped me. I first learnt Windows Of Opportunity from The Achiever's Edge. I've got different ways to market, to sell and it's also helped me keep positive when I've been in a career and when I've been runnning my own business.

But the fact that it's helped me won't wash with everyone. And I explain why in my other blog post.

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