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Monday, July 17, 2006

These Gurus Can Boost Your Profits - But Beware Your Inbox

6,751 unread email messages in my inbox.

Is that a record I wonder?

Certainly that was the number that confronted me on Monday last week.

I’d already set-up rules to move emails I didn’t want to read immediately into grouped folders.

As I’m keenly interested in Marketing, Sales and PR I’m subscribed to a vast number of ezines.

Usually I read each issue until I decide whether I want to continue reading them or just want to occassionally search through them for inspiration. Then I set-up a folder and rule to ensure they don’t go stay in the inbox. Unfortunately the system broke down a few months ago and I didn’t get round to sorting it out until last week!

Anyway I thought it might be intriguing to see how many folders I currently have set-up that hold ezines and emails from various experts, gurus and others.

I’ve split them into groups. Although some people really overlap into these different groups.

The groups are:

  • Affiliate marketers

  • Star marketing and/or copywriting people

  • Other marketing people

  • PR

  • Sales

Interestingly PR and Sales have less people in because if their ezine starts straying into marketing it gets put into the marketing group.

I have missed some people off and I’ll explain why after the groups.

So in the groups we have:

Affiliate Marketers

Chris Attwood, Cody Moya, Daniel Levis, Darren Yates, David Frey, Dearl Miller, Ian Herculson, Jeff Walker, Joe Cooper, Keith Wellman, Kirt Christensen, Melvin Ng, Michael Green, Peter Woodhead, Shawn Casey, Ted Ciuba, Tom Hua, Tony Woodcock

Star Marketers And Copywriters

John Reese, Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Bob Bly, Brian Keith Voiles, Carl Galletti. Craig Garber, Dan Kennedy, Fred Gleek, Gary Bencivenga, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Jim Edwards, Joe Polish, Joe Vitale, Joel Christopher, John Carlton, John Jantsch, Ken Evoy, Ken McCarthy, Marlon Sanders, Michel Fortin, Mike Litman, Mitch Meyerson, Perry Marshall, Steven Pierce, Ted Nicholas, Roy H. Williams, Willie Crawford, Yanik Silver

Other Marketing People

Alan Forest Smith, Alan Rosenspan, Arielle Ford, Josh Anderson, Bernadette Doyle, Alice Seba, Bob Serling, Brad Callen, Brad Fallon, Brandon Hong, Brett McFall, Bruce Carlson, Bryan Kumar, Carlo Selorio, Charlie Cook, Chris Cardell, Chris Marlow, Clifford Mee, Colin Bates, David Beroff, David Frey, David Guindon, David Lakhani, Debbie Jenkins, Frank Kern, Glenn Dietzel, Henry Gold, James Maduk, Jeff Dedrick, Jo Han Mok, Joe Cooper, Joe Lavery, John Forde, Kelley Robertson, Ken Reno, Kenrick Cleveland, Kevin Bidwell, Kevin Donlin, Kevin Hogan, Kevin Nunley, Kevin Wilke, Kurt Mortensen, Larry Dotson, Lee Benson, Leon Klepfish, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Marcia Yudkin, Mark Hendricks, Martha Retallick, Matt Bacak, Matt Callen, Matt Gill, Michael Cheney, Michael Green, Michael Kimble, Michael Rasmussen, Michael Senoff, Michael Wolfe, Mike Bresica, Mike Filisame, Neil Stafford, Nick Usborne, Pat O’Bryan, Patric Chan, Peter Twist, Peter Woodhead, Rich Schefren, Rick Raddatz, Robert Imbriale, Robert Middleton, Robert Puddy, Robert Ringer, Roy Young, Sean D’Souza, Stu McLaren, Veronica Lim, Warren Whitlock, William Arruda

PR People

Annie Jennings, Bill Stoller, Paul Hartunian, Joan Stewart

Sales People

Brian Tracy, Frank Runbauskas, Michael Oliver, Shamus Brown

As you can see quite a few folders are needed to control the massive amounts of ezines I get.

In addition there are ezines where I’ve not assigned a person’s name, often because it’s a group effort. For example Marketing Sherpa and Selling Naturally. I’ve also missed out Seth Godin and Dave Taylor because I often drop by their blogs and have never subscribed.

Who’s In My Top Ten For Marketing, PR And Sales?

As always my choice is different to yours. Because it all depends on your own level of expertise, your interests and what you’re trying to achieve.

It’s a difficult choice but if I was only allowed to choose 10 ezines my top 10 would, in no order, be as follows:

  • Gary Halbert - in particular wonderfully written copy

  • Marketing Sherpa - fantastic marketing case studies

  • Michel Fortin - great copywriting and fantastic forum

  • Brian Tracy - salesman par excellence

  • John Jantsch - Duct Tape Marketing is a fun read

  • Roy H. Williams - Concentrates almost exclusively on better advertising

  • Ted Nicholas - Master copywriter, business owner and marketeer

  • Dan Kennedy - marketing thoughts

  • Joan Stewart - The Publicity Hound - great on PR

  • Gary Bencivenga - amazing “apparently effortless” copywriting

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve missed out Jay Abraham? That’s because he doesn’t really use an ezine, although he does partner with other people to offer his thoughts and products through their ezines.

If you’ve not see/heard of these 10 and you want your business to grow you should check some of their articles out and use them in your own business.

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