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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Guide To Becoming A Millionaire

If you enjoyed "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" or The Millionaire Maker you should check out Felix Dennis's "How To Get Rich".

The author certainly knows what he's talking about. Read the almost universal 5 star reviews on Amazon and check out an extract The Times serialised with the provocative title "If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened".

There are no end of books on "how to become a millionaire" but if you look at Felix Dennis's definition of The Wealthy you can see that few can actually talk from experience:

This list shows the total assets for each category of person:

  • The comfortable poor - £1m-£2m
  • The comfortably off - £2m-£5m
  • The comfortably wealthy  -£5m-£15m
  • The lesser rich - £15m-£40m
  • The comfortably rich - £40m-£75m 
  • The rich - £75m-£100m
  • The seriously rich - £100m-£200m
  • The truly rich  - £200m-£400m
  • The filthy rich - £400m-£999m
  • The super rich - More than £999m

From the list it's clear that the only people who should write "how to" books on becoming millionaires are the "truly rich" because, of course they're truly rich.

PS Yesterday I posted about Chris Cardell's Webinar and said that he'd made an apology.

What he also did was say that when he re-does the webinar he's providing a Freephone number for us all.


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