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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Virgin Mobile: "The Story So Far Of a Promise Broken"

Continuing my look at Virgin Mobiles customer relationship management in real life.

You may remember that over the last few weeks I've had a replacement for my Lobster mobile from an NTL deal and have now been promised a Motorola Pebl as a further replacement...

Or have I?

When I rang my super friendly Virgin Mobile rep he was extremely helpful and rang me back on my direct line because I couldn't actually hear him on my replaced Lobster.

The long and short of this is that because I was given a Lobster I should have a Lobster to replace it...


Interesting, because one rep told me that they'd run out of Lobsters on the NTL deal and had been told to issue non-camera bog standard Nokia phones. So that begs the question ... how can they replace this Lobster?

Maybe they'll send me back the one I had in the first place.

But if they don't make good their original promise of a Motorola Pebl they're going to have a disgruntled customer. And what does a disgruntled customer do? Tell everyone he knows "the full story of a promise broken."

Yet, Virgin can rescue this fiasco from the fire by simply ringing me and saying, "we promised you a Motorola Pebl - we're sending one to you tomorrow."

And without the usual undercurrents of how they're doing me a favour, or the suggestion that everyone else took the gift in the spirit it was intended.

Anyway, I await yet another phone call from Virgin with interest.


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