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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Queen's Maundy Thursday Visit To Manchester

Manchester Cathedral - flying the Royal StandardThe Queen visited Manchester yesterday (Thursday 5th April) to give out Maundy money at the cathedral to 81 men and 81 women(81 is her age). Hannah, my eldest daughter, was pleased to be selected as one of a group of Brownies sent to represent Manchester.

So we set-off at 9:30am to get into Manchester to wait until the Queen arrived.

Hannah had a great day. She got to speak to the Queen and was then interviewed by almost every television channel known to man. Including ones from the USA and Australia.

Of course we've recorded the news and her moment of fame. As have some of our friends ("just in case").

As Hannah said, the interviews will prepare her for when she's a famous singer. Good luck to her. she's 9 at the moment so I think we've got a couple of years before the world tours start.

Anyway, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Queen and everyone around me was really excited. I would have seen more but I and quite a lot of other people were waiting at the Cathedral door nearest the Mitre pub thinking she's come through that one. Especially as there were a lot of us...

No, she obviously came out of the front door - which is rarely used. The rare occasion being a wedding or the Queen. Doh!

Anyway, today's Good Friday so technically I'm not even blogging. Have a good Easter and I'll probably do a few posts over the Easter.

But don't hold your breath!

Enjoy your Easter eggs too!


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