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Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and The Magic Of Its Marketing

OK I admit it the Potter spell worked on me I rushed out the first day it was out and bought it.

You've got to admire the way that the publishers and booksellers have managed to get a runaway train of marketing for this latest book.

Obviously the one thing this highlights is the huge importance of a quality product. I don't think we can really deny that JK Rowling has addressed her market very, very well.

But once that market was targetted a number of magical marketing spells were bought to bear on the books to make them go stratospheric to beat more and more publishing records.

Three of the magical marketing spells used by the Potter clan were Tantalise, Scarcity and Delivery.

Tantalise. Originally the release of the Half-Blood Prince was announced many months ago. Tantalising the waiting customers.

JK Rowling read from the Half-Blood Prince at midnight on launch day. To give an associated sense of theatre to the launch. In the same way you can let your clients or prospects know release dates, names, interesting details of your forthcoming product or service. Let some customers try out a part of it to encourage word of mouth.

Scarcity. Millions of copies of the Half-Blood Prince were produced. Yet many people bought on the first day. They wanted to make sure that they'd get one in case the booksellers ran out. Let your customers know there's only a limited number of your new product for sale. If they don't act now it'll be gone forever.

Delivery. The Harry Potter series has delighted millions worldwide as books, audios and films. Each new book has managed to deliver the same delightful experience as the previous one. You need to delight your customers with your delivery. They should be so impressed with what you give them that they come back for more.

Go ye, and me, and do likewise.

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