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Friday, July 29, 2005

Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants

This blog is fun.

As an ex-consultant myself it's a laugh to see other people's view too.

I know, I know I suppose you could still regard me as a marketing consultant.

But I know that although I really enjoyed what I did as an IT consultant I'm miles more passionate in my own business helping businesses to grow.

There's a lot here that rings true here. I particularly like the 28th July 2005 post as it's one of my own bug bears. Why do people believe that simply inserting a graphic here and there helps in a presentation?

If it's relevant and also not a stock graphic fair enough. But how many times have we seen the partnership "shaking hands" image?

I used this image (is it a stock Microsoft image?) many years ago and it was probably hackneyed then. Now it just makes proposals look cheap.

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