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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Brochure's Are The Best Bit Of My Marketing

We seem to need to have physical evidence of the amount of money we've spent on our marketing.

Brochures and to a lesser extent web sites fill that need.

However, brochures are almost always designed by a creative whose main aim is not to make the brochure sell the product or service.

A creative's main aim is to get other creatives and friends, relatives and the poor companies they've done the work for to say "Wow. That brochure is so well designed".

Maybe they'll win a design award. Which encourages them and their compatriots to continue to create well-designed brochures.

Now. Like you I have nothing at all against good design. In fact I think it's an important part of the package that a firm presents to the world.

The difficulty I have is when the brochure doesn't do it's job because it's so busy shouting that it's well designed.

What is a brochure's job I'm sure you're wondering?

Usually it shouldn't be to raise brand awareness alone. Although companies do expect it to do that.

It shouldn't be simply to act as a reminder for what the salesman either will say or has said face to face or over the phone.

It's not simply a list of every product or service you'll ever deliver.

Its job is pure and simple. To get a sale. Either by creating an interest in a prospect for them to talk to a salesman or leading the prospect to a web site or phone number to buy.

That's all. If it can't do one of those jobs you've wasted your money.

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