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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm So Excited I Could Explode

Yes, I'm bursting to tell you about The Gary Halbert Letter.

Gary writes a letter, I think it's monthly, about marketing and writing copy. I've been devouring his letters for the last few years. They're hard hitting and not for the squeamish, easily offended or the others who like to believe they're actually the best copywriter in the world.

And funnily enough by Gary's own admission he is the king of copywriting.

Like any self-respecting great copywriter every letter has a headline. They include:

* Separating World-Class Copywriters From Their Lesser Brethren!

* How To Deal With "Nightmare Clients"!

* Are You Guilty Of Committing These 10 Stupid Things

* Why I Am The Best Copywriter Alive (I'm Even Better Than The Ones Who Are Dead)

* How To Write Killer Headlines

There is at least one nugget in each letter. If you're a business owner simply reading and applying the concepts to your own business will grow your business.

Test it! How can you lose? If these ideas don't work you've lost a little time, ink and a tiny bit of money. If they do work maybe tomorrow you'll be staggering to the bank with a wheelbarrow load of cash.

"Good business is a process of continual improvement testing, using, discarding and refining all the tools you can locate" - Jim Symcox 2005 :)

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