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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Strategy vs Tactics

In the age old race to do business we're all guilty of doing stuff to get clients regardless, almost, of whether you can work together profitably for both of you.

Alternatively, a business decides that, "Hey, marketing is a doddle I can do it all myself". That is absolutely true. However, two things stop a business taking this approach. Firstly, lack of time to get the required knowledge and keep up to date with the latest stuff. Secondly, as soon as clients appear the focus shifts to delivering the goods or services.

That means a business grows, if it grows, with a series of precipes when the sales have dried up and more marketing needs to be done to get the customers back!

In that scenario marketing is not a strategic element of the business.

In marketing there are lots of tactics that people are able to try. They include viral marketing, email campaigns, advertising, publicity, seminars and many others, including variants.

It's rather like having a ladder, where the tactics are the rungs. The rungs get you to the top of the ladder. The only thing is if the ladder is propped against a wall over which there is some dung all you get is dung. If it's propped against wall over which there is a hill of gold you get the gold! So it's not the rungs, or tactics, that are important but the decision as to which wall to prop your ladder against. That decision is an example of strategy!

Ok. You're not stupid you know what strategy is. But... Do you do it?

Without it you don't know where you going. So you could end up going nowhere. Interesting, eh?

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