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Monday, January 17, 2005

What on Earth is Business Growth?

The more I think about business growth the more I'm convinced that many companies don't know what the phrase means.

You can understand why though. How do you measure business growth?

Is it growth in terms of employee numbers, locations, office space, internationally, turnover, staff, projects, products or almost anything else you care to think of?

I believe the true measure of growth is increased profit. Many businesses use turnover to measure growth.

Peter Thompson tells a story, which may be from somewhere else, that goes like this:

"It was a lovely summers day in Mexico. Two businessmen spotted an opportunity to market some freshly picked melons they'd just bought. So they took their lorry load of melons and parked it at a convenient and highly visible spot on the road into town. At the end of the day they'd sold every single melom. Success! One turned to the other and said 'we've sold every melon we had but we only got what we originally paid for them'. The other said we'd better bring two lorry loads next time'."

As this story shows they had great turnover but no profit!

Acorn Service is aimed at helping businesses to grow their profits. I'm the Managing Director and I use the Internet extensively to find new ideas, or to spark my own ideas to create new growth strategies and tactics.

My intention is that this blog will follow me round the Internet and as I find useful sites I will Blog them. firstly so that I can remember what they're about, secondly so you get a chance to see what if there are sites you could use too.

I'm currently getting a forum added to my web site , so I've been looking at other marketing sites for ideas. Probably one of the better ones that I've seen is Willie Crawford's

Until next time, adios!

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