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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Jake's Quote of the Day Archive!

Jake's Quote of the Day Archive!

I was looking for a quote by Satchi to update my web site with. It's the one about always recruiting people who are better than you. I came upon this excellent site. I found some of the quotes were very touching. Particularly the ones about the impact you can have on your own children and people you know and work with without realsing that impact.

When I think back over the last 2 decades of business life I know that what I've done has been shaped by my childhood and the great (and one or two not so great) experiences I had there. The great experiences include having total freedom to roam all over the area where we lived. To ride my bike wherever I liked and knowing that my dad would collect me if I strayed too far (once having gone twenty five miles and running out of steam to get back against the Lincolnshire winter winds!). To have lived in other countries and seen their people and culture close up. To have been schooled in around 14 different schools and 14 different sets of friends! So yes some of those quotes resonate.

Check it out I know you'll find the same experience.


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