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Thursday, August 02, 2007

4 "Why" Questions That Power Your Marketing Machine

Yoda Points Out There is No "Try" Only "Do" 

I've said this time after time.

Yet it bears repeating because so few businesses actually do it.

You need to know the marketing cogs, or "the whys", that power your marketing machine.

  1. Why is it in my interest to listen/read/watch you/meet you? Also known as "What's In It For Me"
  2. Why should I believe you?
  3. Why should I do anything about what you say or offer?
  4. Why now?

The answers you give to those 4 simple questions tell your prospects whether it's worth their while continuing a dialogue with you.

Does Blogging Answer The 4 "Whys?"

I'm busy, yet I make time to write my blogs.


Look at the "4 Whys" again:

What's In It For Me?

A blog is one way of allowing you to decide whether you want to talk further with me. You will learn about different business growth techniques and strategies in the blog. Strategies and tactics that can power your business forward, faster, more profitably. Implementing them makes you more money!

Why Should I Believe You?

This blog provides an inexpensive way to get good business growth advice. You can test all the relevant advice in your own business. When you find it works you've answered the second question yourself.

Why Should I Do Anything?

As Yoda in Star Wars says to Luke, "Do or do not... there is no try." Which means you can either do what the blog suggests or not do it. If you do it you find out whether the advice is useful. If you don't you're doomed to simply read stuff off the Internet to while away your work day. At which point I'd suggest you stop reading this blog because I'd rather speak to people who take action.

Why now?

Of course you've heard the phrase "strike while the iron is hot." The reason is that as iron cools down it loses its ability to be shaped. Similarly if you don't take action from the advice on this blog, and others, or more directly through my coaching you'll miss the opportunities that I guarantee you have in your business right now that are staring you in the face that you may be dimly aware of and yet could make you more cash that you're making now.

So think hard. Why this blog? If you've found the advice I give valuable let me know. Equally if you've found the advice really stinks let me know.

And finally, the bottom line behind this post is that you need to get your marketing message sorted out. Just doing that puts you ahead of so many other businesses and gives your prospects something they can understand about what they get from you.

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