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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

TV Gets The Apprentice Look What The Internet Gets!

US DollarsIt had to happen.

If you know anything about Internet Marketing you know there are always seminars running that pluck one person from the audience and teach them step by step how to make money from the Internet.  And of course they do make money!

It's argued that television watching by the younger age groups is dropping as their attention is switched to the Internet.

The Internet Reality
TV Arrives?

The next logical step in teaching people how to use the Internet to make money in a seminar is to have an Apprentice-like competition, not on TV, but on the Internet.

So New York Times Best Selling author Joel Comm (The Adsense Code) is hosting an Internet-based reality show called "The Next Internet Millionaire."

Intriguing title.

The Contestants

And of course there are 12 contestants. They are:

  1. Jason Henderson
  2. Charles Trippy
  3. Nico Pisani
  4. Steve Schuitt
  5. Thor Schrock
  6. Jason Marshall
  7. Jaime Luchuck
  8. Carly Taylor
  9. Christine Schapp
  10. Debbie Ducic
  11. Laura Martin
  12. Alisande Chan

Plus, there's a veritable who's who of Internet Marketers who are mentioned in the trailer credits:

  1. Mark Joyner
  2. Armand Morin
  3. Jeff Walker
  4. Marlon Sanders
  5. Mike Koenigs
  6. Brad Fallon
  7. Mike Filsaime
  8. Ray Edwards
  9. Dave Taylor
  10. Perry Marshall
  11. Rich Schefren
  12. Heather Vale

Although noticeable by their absence  were Alex Mandossian, Dan Kennedy, Michel Fortin, John Reese, Ken McArthur and the ubiquitous Joe Vitale.

According to "The Next Internet Millionaire" web site  the whole thing kicks off on 15th August 2007.

And I'll be there to watch and comment on it...

...Only please let it be better than Tycoon!


1 comment:

John said...

To be fair it couldn't really be any worse than Tycoon

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