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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blue Sky Thinkers Buy Amstrad

The Apprentice 

This story has been bubbling under for the last few days as Sir Alan Sugar and Sky agree details for Sky to buy Amstrad.

They've finally sealed the knot as reported in The Guardian.

Of course as an Amstrad shareholder I'm over the moon with the shares racking up a nice healthy premium.

And the good news for us Apprentice fans is that Sir Alan will stay in that role with Margaret and Nick as his faithful sidekicks.

Amstrad now becomes a division of Sky, still run by Sir Alan Sugar.

My immediate thought was that someone like Sir Alan may not take kindly to being told what to do. Because as an entrepreneur he's been used to having the buck stop with him.

Of course in reality, as he himself has said, his customers are the people who tell him what to do. So he is used to having a boss of sorts.

This purchase is definitely a "good" thing for Amstrad. The research resources and leading edge developers will help Amstrad get stuff to market for Sky more quickly.

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