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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are You A Top Achiever?

Before I even started in business myself I received an audiotape on which someone called Peter Thomson narrated the story of two frogs. That was 8 years ago. I just loved this story. With your permission I'd like to tell it to you:

The Parable Of The Two Frogs

The story is that there were two frog brothers. They lived in a sunny place near Manchester. Each day they used to hop up to the local dairy farm with their other froggy friends to try and catch any spilt milk as the cows were milked.

One day they arrived and found that a bucket of milk had been left and forgotten just at the back of the barn.

They were so amazed when they looked over the edge that they both fell in.

At first they loved it. Drinking the milk and doing backstroke inside the bucket.

After some time had passed they started to get a little tired. They tried to scramble out of the bucket. But couldn't.

They looked at each other and realised they couldn't get out so they started shouting to their friends for help.

The commotion they caused prompted their friends to gather around the bucket. Soon all their friends were shouting, "you can't get out of there the sides are too steep", "you're failures" and "you're going to die!"

One of the frogs heard all this and realised they were right and gave up and simply stopped swimming and soon sank to the bottom of the bucket and drowned.

The remaining frog began to swim round and round in the bucket.

As he thought harder and harder he swam faster and faster.

As he swam the milk started to become more difficult to swim through. Then, as I'm sure you've guessed it turned to butter. So the deaf frog simply hopped onto the butter and out of the bucket.

What can you get from this story?

1)Ignore The Doubters In Your Life

I like the fact that despite the other frogs best efforts to put him off the deaf frog was able to achieve what he was being told was impossible. Because the doubters didn't know everything!

Now isn't that just like business life sometimes? Partners, relatives or friends can get a bit negative about what you're trying to achieve.

2) Training Would Have Helped

The first frog wouldn't have died if he'd trained with another frog who'd survived the milk pail (like his brother).

It's the same in business, or life, there may be one thing that will stop you from going under. But without luck, or training you may never find it.

I didn't want to discover everything in business using trial and error.

I wanted positive and regular support even before I started in business myself.

The frog parable made me realise how true the following quote from Henry Ford is:

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right"

So I signed up to Peter's Achiever's Edge and never looked back.

The sort of things I get from his audio programme are:

  • Monthly guest interviews with a successful person chosen from people around the world and Peter's had people like:
    • Sir John Harvey-Jones, The Troubleshooter and ex ICI Chairman
    • Richard Bandler (Co-founder of NLP)
    • Paul Daniels (master magician and very, very astute businessman)
    • Professor Robert Cialdini the famous author of "Influence Science and Practice" and a must read for any copywriter
    • Steve McDermott one of Europe's top motivational speakers
  • tips on personal effectiveness (the Edge)
  • Ways to communicate better
  • sales tips
  • improving customer service
  • A guest presenter sharing expert knowledge and tips
  • Useful extracts from Nightingale-Conant's self and business development programmes
Why am I telling you this now?

Because it's my 8th year of getting the tapes, or at least now the CDs. I thought about how this monthly audio programme has gradually changed my life, and the people around me.
Eight years ago I was working in a reasonably well paid job in IT. Peter's material, along with Jay Abrahams stuff, allowed me to quadruple my income.

So, Did it work?

Unequivocally yes.

In fact I like Peter's stuff so much that over the last 5 years I've always recommended it to my coaching clients.
When Peter started an affiliate scheme last year I was probably one of the first to sign-up! Simply because I know Peter delivers great value.

Anyway, that's not the reason I'm telling you about Achiever's Edge.

The reason is that I know that when you're a top achiever you want to get ahead of everyone else. I know you understand that the only way to do that is to steadily learn and apply things you don't know about. And like me I'm sure you want to avoid the tedium of learning by trial and error.

Plus, I just have this itch to help other people succeed too - yes it much be a quirk in my nature, or maybe because I've the teaching gene in me as demonstrated by my ex-teacher grandmother, aunts and sisters!

To help make your own mind up about what I've said head on over to
Peter's Achiever's Edge Site and get a taster by downloading some of Peter's material including the interviews with Richard Bandler and Robert Cialdini.

You'll hear exactly what I mean. There is a small investment of £1 to download 5 great interviews that will definitely make you much more than £1. The interviews also include one with one of my heros: Ted Nicholas copywriter and business owner extaordinaire.

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