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Monday, February 20, 2006

My Top 10 Peeves About Web Site Design That Ignores The Customer

Web Design - Even The Experts

Get It Wrong

Here is my top 10 pet peeves of the way web sites turn off your friendly prospects or stop them getting to your site at all:

  1. It’s a one page site “holding site” with nothing of interest to the prospect

  2. Enormously bloated unoptimised graphics that take ages to load, few people wait for them

  3. Meta descriptions and keywords not completed - you need every angle you can to win the search rankings

  4. Button labels don’t match the page you end up on

  5. No headlines on any pages or just “Welcome”, “Contact”, “Press Room” - you won’t get far in rankings with those headlines

  6. The headlines aren’t tagged as headlines and so aren’t treated as more important than the rest of your copy.

  7. The written text - the information a browser looks for - is minimal, doesn’t tell your story, or is boring

  8. There is no way to contact the company from the site

  9. The text is written on a dark background and makes it almost impossible to see

  10. The site has no way to capture the email details of the browser, no email no follow-up, no follow-up no sale!

And finally two bonus ones

  1. Registration - no, please no. Unless your site is selling stuff and you need to track, or you have a forum you don’t need registration

  2. Flash - don’t use it for things that are static parts of your site. We don’t all need introducing to your site whenever we go to it. And we don’t have the time to sit through yet another “samey” flash intro.

I’ve got more to say on the subject of web design and its importance for direct response marketing. And it's coming later this week.

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