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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Research Shows Marketers The Real Actions Of Purchasers

Marketers should look very seriously at the research on User Search Engine usage by (see the report here).

The findings relate to buyers of Clothing, Computer Hardware, Sports & Fitness and Travel.

The key findings are:

  1. Users tend to search well in advance of a purchase

  2. Users tend not to use branded names in their searches until the last weeks of their search process

  3. Short term search results (ie clicks that didn’t convert to sales) don’t reflect the reality of actual later purchases.

That means that marketers need to keep data for longer before deciding whether a campaign is making a profit or not.

Also the fact that branding is not used in searching until the last week(s) of the search means that your brand is no protection to losing a sale.

Like I said Branding for small to medium businesses is not as important as getting a great offer for your customer. After that customers can get reassurance and logically justify their purchase by pointing to your brand.

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