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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Watch Out How These 9 Internet Marketing Tactics Switch Consumers Off

I'm not keen on focus groups because they try and predict behaviour and all they're predicting is intention.

Statistics of actual behaviour I believe are a better indication of future behaviour.

However, despite that I was interested in this survey on Internet marketing tactics.

In particular these were some of the tactics that most annoyed consumers (in descending order of annoyance):

  1. Pop-ups
  2. Requirement to install software to view the site
  3. Dead links
  4. Requirement to register and log-on before viewing the site
  5. Slow-loading pages
  6. Out of date content
  7. Confusing navigation and too many clicks
  8. Ineffective site search tool
  9. No contact information (other than a web form) available

There were 6 other annoying tactics that you can check for yourself.

What was most amazing was that 76% of consumers surveyed said that if any of their pet peeves on a site would prompt them to leave and never return.

In general I agree with almost all the survey. However, properly targeted pop-ups actually increase sales. So it may have been better to word the question "wrongly targeted pop-ups".

For some time pop-ups were a "no-no" on the web, but as long as they're targeted they seem to be making a come back. After all if you're about to lose a browser for ever there's no harm to you to use the pop-up as a last ditch attempt to interest them in you and/or your site. Is there?

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