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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Eight Ways to Improve your Online Lead Tracking...

Michael Ortner gives his take on the 8 ways to better lead tracking on the web.

His first point is so very vital I’ve put it here in full:

“1. Understand the significance of your Web site. Your site is the one place that virtually all of your prospects will visit before contacting you. In most industries, even the most technically challenged buyers will view your Web site before considering your product. Your Web site will either move them along the buying process or it will turn them away. So, instead of considering your site an online brochure, think of it as a lead-generation funnel.”

This is so important. Your web site is the world’s window on your business. Just use it as a catalogue without any strategic thought behind it and you’re going to lose sales, leads and referrals. I’ve had clients who thought a single page web site was reasonable.

That’s like producing a sales proposal but not allowing anyone to give it to the prospect or follow it up.

His other points are:

  1. Use a Web Stats package - how else do you know who is coming to your site?

  2. Use landing pages to identify where people are coming from for specific campaigns

  3. Determine how many visitors turn into leads - compare to your “contact us” page

  4. Centralise your contact information on to one page

  5. Highlight your “contact us” link on every page - at the top

  6. Know how your customer found you - ideally with different 0800 numbers for different routes to your site

  7. Cultivate your leads

I particualrly agree with the last point too. Because although someone doesn’t buy from your site immediately they may keep coming back until they’re convinced you’re right for the job they have in mind.

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