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Friday, February 24, 2006

Will Video Marketing Sweep The Internet Like A New Broom?

The video craze is hotting up.

Certainly the enormous leap in the population getting broadband is helping.

But you know how I know video is getting more important?

It’s because Google started dabbling in late last year.

And now I’ve got affiliates badgering me to get a course on making marketing videos.

As an aside I’ve looked at one of these courses and it was all “how to make a video” stuff. Technical stuff you could learn from a night school course, or maybe the manual of your video recorder.

Anyway, many months, probably years ago now, I decided to sign up for a large number of internet marketing and vanilla marketing ezines. The reason was so I could look and see who was promoting what and the wrinkles each affiliate applied to their promotion of a product.

As time has gone on its been educational to find how certain affiliates (super affiliates) put a sales letter out to their list days, sometimes weeks, before other affiliates do.

And the same has happened with this video course. The super affiliate selling first followed by the “normal” affiliate.

What’s my take on it?

I would say try it yourself with your own camera.

In the end intriguing the prospect to watch the video is the most important thing needed and the second is the offer. Neither of which you need to video!

That’s not to say I don’t think video is a good thing - I do. It’s just that I react badly to over-hyping.

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