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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Business Christmas Cards: The Final Word

If you remember in my first post about Christmas Cards For Customer Relations I asked, ""..are we right to send all those Christmas cards out?"

Then in my second post I showed a format you could use for a personal business Christmas card. This post is concerned with how to approach the letter and contents you can use.

What To Put In For Your Customers or Prospects

Talk sincerely in your letter. And you can choose so many things to say to your customer, for example:

  1. You can offer apologies for those times that didn't run according to plan, but don't dwell on them
  2. Explain why you did things a certain way that worked well for the customer but may have been difficult for them to understand or accept at the time
  3. Celebrate your customers wins - not your own.
  4. Remind your customers why they're doing business with you. Preferably in the words they've used during the year to congratulate you on a job well done.
  5. Show your prospects the ways that your customers are using you and getting great value from what you do.
  6. Give some specific tips that relate to your customers specific industry.

Obviously there are many other ways of talking to your customer or prospect.

Remember everyone is always tuned to Radio Station WIFM (What’s In It For Me) so reading you talk about their business makes them interested in what you’re saying.

When you send your letter make sure it’s on standard good quality stationery.

Bear in mind it’s a personal letter so showing your logo all over the place removes the personal touch.

Also remember to use a Christmas stamp rather than a normal stamp or worse a franked envelope.

Finally please make sure it's signed from the person who has the most contact with the customer. And don't do what I caught one client doing - getting her PA to sign all her cards for her!

So, throw your cards to the wind, take a step towards a better customer relationship and write them a letter today.

PS There's nothing wrong with sending a card and putting your letter inside too.  

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