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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Assume Your Customers Are Yours!

I was re-reading Dan Kennedy's apparently defunct blog yesterday because I'd remembered a rather nice posting on Mail order mistakes . And remember mail order works almost the same on the Internet.

Briefly the mistakes Dan talks about are as follows:

  1. Targeting The Wrong Market
  2. Assuming Interest On The Prospect's Part
  3. Using Weak Headlines
  4. Not Giving A Reason For Reading A Letter
  5. Weak Call To Action
  6. Ignoring The Reasons Not To Buy
  7. Chasing The Fool's Gold Of Exceptional Response
  8. Attempting To Live Off Of The Initial Sale
  9. Accepting Good Fortune As Never-Ending

And Dan Kennedy's most interesting point?

It's his last one: "Accepting Good Fortune As Never-Ending."

As Dan says about it,

" my late years, into retirement, it is no secret that my customer base diminished and that I struggled financially. I assumed a level of permanent customer loyalty and interest that turned out not to exist. All things grow or decline but cannot stay static for long."

This shows that your prospects are continually looking for great value. If you stop delivering that value why should they stay with you? You may have the strongest brand name in the world but if you stop delivering value you'll lose customers.

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