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Friday, November 10, 2006

Do These Web Pages Drive You To Drink!

I find some web sites intensely annoying. And it looks as though others feel the same.

A survey by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), carried out last year, delves into the issues shoppers have with web sites they land on.

I didn't see this survey from 2005 and luckily the results arrived by email from The eMarketer Daily today.

The eMarketer picked out slow loading web sites as being one of the top  annoying bugbears. They backed this conclusion up with further research  through Akamai.

Slow Pages Stop Sales

Akami's recommendation was that a web site should load in 4 seconds or less or risk a third of users leaving the site entirely and 75% unlikely to shop there again.

Annoyances On Web Pages

Intuitively I would have said pop-ups, pop-unders, , flash, page errors and links that go nowhere would be the issues flagged by most users.

In fact the TNS survey found pop-up ads are top of the list with 83.8% of users ranking them as extremely annoying.

Flash meanwhile is ranked as extremely annoying by only 41.5%. 

Other page irritations included (extremely annoying percent shown in brackets):

  • having to install extra software to use the site (72%)
  • dead links (66.2%)
  • need to register/log on before viewing the site (61.1%)
  • out of date content (56.5%)
  • confusing navigation (55.4%)
  • ineffective site search tool (52.4%)
  • no contact information (50.2%)
  • no back button (49%)
  • overdone flash and animation (41.5%)
  • moving text (33.5%)
  • auto-playing audio (30.1%)
  • poor appearance (28.3%)

The bottom line is that if you've a web site, or blog you need to make it load faster. I've already optimized my graphics but maybe I should do more to speed up my load times?

Until I do I can't really lay claim to being "the coolest guy on the planet yet can I?"
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