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Monday, November 06, 2006

Research Shows Print Media Is Dying

An academic report called The Changing Landscape of Print & Online Media quotes The Advertising Age as saying that in the first quarter of 2006 US ad spend fell 6.1% for local newspapers and 1.1% for b2b magazines compared to the same quarter the previous year.

And Internet advertising had an explosive increase in spend. Up 19.4%, without including Search Marketing spend.

Analysis of print media web sites in the Uk and US discovered unheard of use just 10 years ago of blogs, off-site hyperlinks and video and audio clips on press web sites.

The analysis showed links most likely to get coverage were:

  • Consumer issues 
  • Human interest stories
  • "How to" stories for beauty & technology products
  • Automotive
  • AP video variety
  • Feature/human interest
  • Lifestyle: Homes/Gardens/Cooking content
  • Games
  • Local entertainment, live music, festivals, local sports
  • People stories and other features
  • In-depth projects
  • Feature stories
  • Local "slice of life"
  • National news, but not sports

The key findings in the report about print media web sites were:

  1. 100% increase in number who see it as “a way to package multimedia stories” from initial strategy to current strategy
  2. Marked drop in those who see it as “marketing tool for the existing print publication” (from 30% to 13%)
  3. Less print media organisations see subscription revenue as an objective for their online publications

From the comments given to the researchers it certainly seems as though the respondents believe that whilst the Internet probably wont kill off all print media it will certainly see off quite a few of the weaker ones.


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