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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Life Collides With Planning

The weekend of  25/26th November I was invited by my brotherSimon, Julie and Ian from The MUskham Players in Farce Mode Simon to watch him and his wife Julie take part in a farce put on by the Muskham Players at their village hall/theatre.

The farce was well received and I certainly enjoyed it a lot.

The only problem? I've been using early Saturday mornings to catch up with stuff and last week I'd gone to the B2B show in Manchester, replaced lots of bits on my car and everyone in my family got some sort of cold/flu/virus thing making working more complicated!

The result was I had a pleasant change at the weekend and still left myself with stuff I'd planned to do last week.

And talking of acting we're getting closer and closer to putting on the first Bollywood Mikado - Words and Music still Gilbert & Sullivan the difference is that we're all doing Bollywood dancing. I love the change, mind you I'd like to get the dancing right soon though.

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