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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do You Matter In Business?

The 50 people who matter most as decided by Business 2.0. magazine contains only those who are affecting our lives now and continue to affect them in the future.

David Allen, famous for writing "" is at 49. I suppose as a projects director I've always looked for better and more effective ways of doing stuff - Allen's book fits the bill. Personally I own the Nightingale-Conant audio programme as well. So it's good to see him in the list.

At 45 we see Richard Branson. The one man that almost every UK entrepreneur would probably love to emulate.

Surprisingly Larry Ellison, Michael Dell and Paul Otellini running ORACLE, Dell and Intel respectively are lower than you might expect and are joint 43rd.

Bill Gates and his charitable foundation are at 21 and the article notes that his Chief Technical Officer (Ray Ozzie) ranks higher at number 10.

Robert Iger is CEO of Walt Disney and has dragged Disney back to it's best since Michael Eisner went. In fact he's at number 12 in the list.

Of course Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple computers is right up there as Apple continue to innovate under his leadership. He deserves his ranking at number 5.

Rupert Murdoch, CEO at News Corp, is at number 4 as his empire continues to embrace all media and drive into as many countries as possible.

Of course Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-founders of the modern favourite tech company Google are at number 2.

You may ask who they've put at number 1?

The answer is strangely -- You and me!

Think about it for one minute. They're right because without you the Internet would not be what it is now. Our blogs, web sites, user groups, gurus, affiliates and everything else have formed the Internet into what we want.

Savvy companies have tied themselves to the Internet as a research medium for their own products. They want to know what you and I do. What keywords we use. How we complete questionnaires, the way we use the web.

The list builders have cheated a little by putting the "Emerging Global Middle Class CHINA, INDIA, RUSSIA, BRAZIL" in as number 7. Because you could argue they'll have the same impact as you or I.

As always, time will tell...

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