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Friday, August 18, 2006

Follow-up Is Vital, Or Is It?

When you've got that lead from a trade show, network meeting or other great source what do you do?

Do you follow-up with emails, letters and phone calls until you close that sale?

You don't know what your prospect is thinking so you may be exerting unwanted pressure on them.

What do you do?

It's Catch-22 isn't it?

If you don't follow-up you're unlikely to get a sale, yet if you do you run the risk of annoying your prospect and turning them off.

It's a matter of having a service mindset. That is you need to look at how you can help the prospect. And I don't mean asking a barrage of questions so you can "fit your solution to their problem".

I mean asking them what they're looking to achieve and then sitting back and listening to their reply.  Be honest in your wish to help them achieve their goal.

If you find they don't want you at the moment, accept it.

If they don't want to have every service or product you offer that's OK too. Trying to squeeze every last drop of "value" out of your customer/prospect is going to kill any on-going relationship.

I've been guilty of pushing people for a sale. I know they've not been in the situation where they want to buy either. So all that's happened is that they felt guilty for taking my time. And I'm sure they felt annoyed because I'd made them feel that way.

I've learnt from that.

You should too. Mindset of service with no pressure is difficult to maintain when you've sales targets. Using it gives you better sales and a better conscience too.

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