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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Want To Be The First To Try It?

Then you're a small band of people classified as an "Innovator". Typically you're someone who really likes to have the latest gizmo, fashion item, decor or car.  They also realise there are likely to be teething problems.

They also realise they face a risk of being left in a fashion backwater. For example Betamax video owners versus VHS video owners.

If you'd prefer to be near to the leading edge of the new but not quite on the bleeding edge like the innovators you're an "Early Adopter".

People who buy after these two groups are classified by marketers as follows:

Early Majority

People who like to see the snags ironed out before they buy.  They tend to get feedback from many sources before making their decision.

Late Majority

They're tougher to convince as they prefer the status quo and tend to want what they already have, but better. 


These people fear debt and hold-off buying until they decide it's a "must-have"  because "everyone they know has one."

These classifications are useful to know about your prospects or customers. Because knowing what sort of person they are helps you craft your marketing and sales campaign to target the aspects they're looking for.

The Internet Followed This Model

One great recent example of this was in the Internet take-up. It was slow to start and then snow-balled.

Other examples that are bubbling under on the Internet are blogs, podcasts and video. 

Blogs and podcasting have been around for quite some time now.

They're becoming more and more popular. Although it has to be said the majority of blogging, podcasting and video still occurs in the USA.  The innovators have been in and the early adopters are now using these tools.

The question is will other people follow these pioneers...

Hint: Check out where sponsorship and advertising goes because where business puts money is usually, but not always, where prospects are spending money, or time, or both.

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