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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Do You Use This No Cost Lead Generating Technique Too?

Press releases are often only dusted down when SME businesses remember that they “should” do a press release.

I’m sure you’rè not like that.

However, it can be difficult knowing what to do or write about when constructing press releases.

If you use a free/paid for press release service like they help you by giving you a template to fill in.

They also give you a few tips about what a press release should and shouldn’t be.

I’m a subscriber to a number of press releases experts ezines and blogs. One I’m particularly fond of is Joan Stewart’s Publicity Hound.

Joan is a freelance journalist and ex-news editor so she’s got some good information on press releases.

In particular you can sign up for her 89 day press release tutorial.

With that under your belt you’re going to be able to produce press releases that the media may actually use, rather than laughing then consigning them to the rubbish bin.

One of the tips that Joan gives that I agree wholeheartedly with is this:

“When I write a release and journalists never print it, or I get no calls for interviews, I chalk it up as a failure. Then I start all over again and find something better to write about so I can get the media coverage I need”.

Ringing and telling journalists that they should have printed your release is not going to work and will just put their backs up about your ability to produce newsworthy releases.

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