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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Poor Showing?

In my post reviewing “The Millionaire Maker” I mentioned “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert T Kiyosaki and suggested that if you’d read it (and so showed an interest in getting richer) The Millionaire Maker was going to be of interest for you.

After I pushed the button on that post I came across a riveting review of Robert T. Kiyosaki.where John Reed analyses what is said in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. His conclusions are not very flattering.

Put it this way if you believe everything that Robert T. Kiyosaki says you owe it to your self to read this site.

The page analysing the book is long but I read every single bit of it. Including links where John Reed explained the issues, including the jealousy angle that he was accused of for creating the site in the first place.

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